About us


it is primarily a physical store.
To convince you to choose Il Mondo della Scarpa, we had to propose a unique service: give you the opportunity to buy your shoes at the best price and give you the opportunity to give back. For this we offer:

- The return and exchange simple

- Refund Express to your bank profile or ulizzata prepaid card to purchase

We really hope you will find what you like here. A comment, a question? Do not hesitate to write to store@ilmondodellascarpa.it to give us your suggestions!


The staff

What you buy from Il Mondo della Scarpa?

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. The latest collections of the most famous brands, the exclusive models will not find anywhere else, all brands, famous designers from big to small unpublished brands and prices. But we can find other interesting seasonal products.

Legal information

Il Mondo della Scarpa di Adelina Grande is a company registered in the Companies Register of Cosenza, with registered office in: Via Roma, 87038 San Lucido (CS), Italy, and VAT number: IT02513140786